Get Better by Setting Meaningful Goals

With the New Year coming up so does the age-old practice of goal setting traditions. While reading this article about Getting Better at Running by Setting Meaningful Goals I realized the major principles in the article are relevant for personal, business, or any other goal you are striving for.

  • Set goals based on process, not on results
  • Know Your “Why”
  • Power yourself with kindness, enthusiasm, and belief

Look at the your goals. Do they fit into one of these buckets?

  • Do something a certain number of times per month or year
  • Plan something big and scary
  • Fail, and be okay with it
  • Win, and be okay with that, too
  • Dream so big that someone tells you that you are crazy

Remember “The healthiest goals are often not about the goals at all, but about the life those goals support.”

Happy New Year,