Trainings and Workshops

Training to Build Executive Skills

We teach teams and organizations how to apply leadership and tap into their true potential. What was your last training like? Were you listening to an “expert” tell you what you should be doing differently?  That is not us. We understand you have unique challenges and processes.  This is why we specialize in designing experiential programs to meet your needs.

Choose one of our popular programs below or develop a custom program to meet your needs. 

What should you expect from our experiential workshops?

While many companies focus on what they are teaching, at ALT we focus on your experience, what you learn, and what you are able to accomplish.

Experiential learning is a process of learning by doing.  We utilize this model to craft our trainings.  We introduce you to concepts and tools, experiment, apply, and reflect on how they work and don’t. Based on your experience we conceptualize a plan for future application. 

Our clients report more success with our Experiential Workshops because they are “doing the work” rather then just hearing about how it should be done from an “expert.”

Typical Delivery Method

Group programs range from hour “Lunch Learns” to week-long intensives. Most training is delivered “onsite” or an offsite venue of your choosing.  Typical venues include meeting rooms, conference spaces, retreat centers and via webinar.  Ask about our online programs which work well when teams are remote or can’t gather in-person. Standard group size varies from 6 – 55 participants.  Accommodations can be made for larger groups.

Individuals can sign up for online training, onsite training, or coaching. Ask about current classes and availablity.

If you are serious about developing your team or organization contact us.