Change and Strategic Planning

We develop more than a plan that sits on your shelf.  Our engagement process seeds strategic thinking, strategic communication, and strategic action in the stakeholders executing the plan. These “seeds” empower you and your team to accomplish day to day activities in line with the long-term core growth of your company. 

A Strategy is More Than a Plan.

Many people believe Strategic Planning is a way of giving logical direction for people to implement. We believe it is a way of gathering and aligning human energy toward important goals.

The Planning Process

We do this by creating a step by step process that is engaging, fun, and makes productive use of your valuable time.  The result of our strategic planning process is clarity of:

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Goals
  • Strategies
  • Objectives
  • Performance Measures
  • SMART Plan to Move Forward

Align your organization’s actions to achieve its goals with this one-day seminar, conference, retreat, or series of strategic conversations.

The Result

What to Expect

As master facilitators we build trust, communication, constructive conflict, accountability, and results into the process.  This is more than just an activity.  During the strategic planning process your team will be developing as a group and creating an impact in their work. 

Typical Delivery Method

Single or multi-day retreats for teams are delivered “onsite” or an offsite venue of your choosing.  Typical venues include meeting rooms, conference spaces, retreat centers, outdoor gazebos.  Standard group size varies from 6 – 55 participants.  Accommodations can be made for larger groups.

Contact us to discuss a custom strategic planning process for you.