Facilitated Meetings

Improve Communication & Drive Team Performance.

Do you have an in person or virtual meeting, conference and/or retreats with any of the following characteristics?

  • Results are critical.
  • The group is stuck.
  • There is a difficult or complex problem.
  • Neutrality is needed.
  • An important decision is needed.
  • There are difficult group dynamics.
  • You would like to stay on task.
  • The group is large.
  • Engagement is critical.

What to expect

Every custom facilitation follows a five-step process starting with understanding your goals.  Next, we gather information, often by speaking with potential participants and stakeholders. We circle back around to share what we have learned and create a plan.  Then we implement your meeting, conference and/or retreat.  Lastly we evaluate the benefits of the effort, discuss next steps, and/or wrap up the work.  Our proven process before, during, and after a meeting creates the conditions for a successful meeting.   

Contact us to discuss your goals and make your next meeting a success.