Team Building and Development

Traditional team building includes ropes courses, games, activities, and much more. The theory behind team building is, if people share an experience, they will have higher morale, trust, communicate more, and work together better. This works to some degree. However, without substance, most team building is easily forgotten once back in the office.

Don’t accept the status quo of team building. Our Team Development program goes deeper. The fun is there but there is much more; facilitation, group dynamics, action learning, creativity theory, the science of emergence, and appreciative inquiry. While doing a variety of games and activities, the team reflects on the conditions for successful groups.

What is transference?

Transference is the difference between a morale-building activity and Team Development. It is what other team development companies miss.  Transference is created when a team building program relates to a person’s work.  For instance, our program explores how teams work with conflict, the loss of team members and other issues.  Then we develop solutions and “recipes” for handling these types of situations when they arise.

In short, we offer the comprehensive approach.

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