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Meeting Maps

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Definition of Terms Used In the Meeting Maps

Effective Group Task Functions

  • Defines Problem Or Issue: defining a group problem, issue or overall purpose of group or meeting
  • Information Or Opinion Seeking: Requesting facts; seeking relevant information about a group concern, asking for suggestions and ideas
  • Information Or Opinion Giving: Offering facts, providing relevant information about a group concern or issues; stating a belief; giving suggestions or ideas
  • Clarifying Or Elaborating: Interpreting or reflecting ideas and suggestions; clearing up confusions; indicating alternatives and issues before the group; giving examples
  • Summarizing: pulling together related ideas, restating suggestions after the group has discussed them; offering a decision or conclusion for the group to accept or reject
  • Feasibility Or Consensus Testing: Checks reality, suggests possible options; sends up “trial balloons” to see if the group is nearing a conclusion; checking with the group to see how much agreement has been reached
  • Recording/Organizing: scribe, note taker

Group Building & Maintenance Functions Observation

  • Orienting / Facilitating: attempting to keep communication channels open; facilitating the participation of others; suggesting procedures for sharing opportunities to discuss group problems
  • Expressing Group Feelings: Sensing feeling, mood, relationships within the group; sharing one’s own feeling with other members
  • Harmonizing: attempts to reconcile disagreements; reducing tension through “pouring oil on troubled water”, gets people to explore their differences;
  • Encouraging: Being friendly, warm & responsive to others; accepting others & their contributions; regarding others by giving them an opportunity for recognition
  • Following / Compromising: going along with the group or when one’s own ideas or status is involved in a conflict, offers a compromise, yields status, admits error; disciplines self to maintain group cohesion.
  • Setting Standards: expresses standards or goals for group to achieve; helps the group become aware of direction and progress;